Third Day In Denmark

The day started early, around 5ish to get the early morning light. The bag was packed, so I was out the door after a glass of water. I did however bring a banana to eat on the way. I was lucky, and there was a great sunrise this morning. There was streaks of lights coming through the clouds creating an orb effect. Among the things I did not manage to capture but witnessed was bunnies running through the corn fields and birds gathering in the corn fields and flocking to get up to the safe air when I stopped to take a picture.


I managed to get many shots in the early morning light, but they will need some editing before they are ready to post. I returned about 7 in the morning and my daughter was up, so I took her on a stroller trip. She went fast asleep which allowed me to take some macro shots on the way back. Here is a gallery of the photos from today morning.

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