Denmark first day, it has been great!

I managed to arrive at Denmark as you probably knew from yesterday :-D, it is a quiet place near Marienlyst(cottage field for rental). Not very interesting scenery but I plan to get to some more interesting areas. There is a lot of beautiful farms and barns in denmark and old stone houses. We must of course not forget the desolate open fields that can give an ominous/lonesome feel to the images. I hope to capture some isolated trees or houses in wide open fields. Today I managed to get some macro shots of flowers and bugs, while taking my daughter out in a stroll. She was sleeping carefully in her stroller while I had some time to take some photos. I did manage to get one landscape shot with a road, but the prime target of interest was a help yourself potato/strawberry stand, where you can stop with a car, and it is of course unmanned, and you pay by putting the money in the register yourself. Also this one was secured by CCTV which I thought was a bit funny. Hope you had a great weekend and a great day 🙂

5 thoughts on “Denmark first day, it has been great!

    1. It is a very nice place to visit. Open & friendly people for the most part. But i guess in the cities some of that openess dissapears due to busier atmosphere. Hope you will be able to fullfill ur wish to go. 🙂

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