Evening Post

So yes.. I was going on vacation but alas one of the air companies cabin personnel had a sick day and they couldnt get a replacement which means I am back at home. I was sitting at my car were I got my first photo of some trolleys in my rear view mirror and of course the wind shields. At the airport there was some construction activity so had to document this. Then I went to stavkirken in fanatorget Bergen Norway to try and take some interesting pictures. I am not so sure I succeeded but those are the ones I got :-D. I felt a bit rushed as my daughter and better half was waiting in the car, when I got back both of them were sleeping(exhausted by the trip which did not take place I suppose). Hopefully you will have a better success at your next vacation and dont experience a almost go like I did 😀

5 thoughts on “Evening Post

  1. Very nice compositions, Mohn!
    Very nice composition! I always love images that have some sort of object to frame the scene, such as the trees in this image. It really creates a sense of context of place.
    – Jake

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