Good morning!

Good morning to you all! Hope you have a splendid day. Here is some morning photos from Norway Øygarden Sotra. My family is sick today,it is horrible to see your 6months old daughter coughing and you can´t really do anything about it. But we are all in good health otherwise, it is just a major cold/flu that is going around in Norway Bergen. This means saddly that I can´t take any photos today, normally I bring my kid on my excursion and she is hanging on my belly. The manduka(baby carrier) is a wonderfull tool. Back on topic, I took some random shots around Øygarden and these are both from today & yesterday. GoodMorning is from my porch so I didn´t have to go far. There is some photos with water reflections & one of brdige, and a framed village. I still have a long way to go when it comes to photography but I am learning slowly. Hope you guys enjoy the photos.

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