Yesterday´s catch

Yesterday was not so productive as I was hoping for, however I managed to take some photos that I thought I would share with you guys :-). The problem was the weather, raining and relatively boring sky. It should not stop me from taking photos of course, but I am going to keep my equipment clear from water even if some of it is waterproof. My equipment must last for many years & exposures to come. Today I stayed in with my daughter, and as a remedy for not going out I got some good pictures of her ;-).

Hopefully you have had a more productive weekend, and I hope you will share your work with me 😀

8 thoughts on “Yesterday´s catch

  1. The black & white image of the village is lovely!

    Get yourself a rain-sleeve for your camera, put on your raincoat, and both you and your gear should be fine. 🙂 Wet but fine. I’ve been in the rain, snow, and mist and my cameras are fine. A plastic bag from the grocery store will do in a pinch.

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  2. Got that light grey sky all summer here, it’s not very motivational. I did not go out for weeks.

    Was a bad idea, will eventually find something that works or not and I learned to start taking more minimal shots in attempting to deal with the light. So may not be perfect but still learning something in having to adapt to changes in light conditions that will prove useful down the line.

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