Have you covered your storage situation?

What kind of storage situation do you have/back-up plan for your photos? I am wondering about investing in a NAS solution for simplicity, using external disk as back-up for the NAS solution. The QNAP Ts-451 is on sale at the moment and is of course very tempting. This enables you to RAID5/6 and 10, with 4 bays discs. This including the discs is however expensive investment running you for about 800 us dollars(4x 3TB discs made for NAS in mind). Maybe a price I should be willing to pay considering the ease of use, and the fact that it will be a while until I fill 6TB(raid 6 configuration) with my images.

I have waited and waited untill dedicated NAS would be cheaper, but I guess the mass consumer market isnt there yet, and it will take a while untill it gets really cheap. I could always build a dedicated raid server with selecting the parts myself, however this might be more hazzle and won´t really save me much in terms of money, but of course I will have the added flexibility for future upgrades. How have you solved your storage solution?

10 thoughts on “Have you covered your storage situation?

  1. Sounds interesting 😉 But I try to keep things simple (and a bit cheaper…), really… I have 2 external harddisks of a TB each. One is permanently connected to the PC and has all my data, for daily use, also all my photos. That way I have the PC internal HD breathing easier for all the software. The second one is regularly connected for a backup of the first disk and then disconnected. If I wanted to be supersafe, I should have another backup hidden somewhere outside the house 😉 But there are no 100% safeties in life, are there? And, as I don’t think I’m producing historical data that will shake the world, it seems enough to start over, really 😀

    Maybe not exactly your line? 😉


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