2 thoughts on “Gamlehaugen vol 2 Bergen Norway

  1. When I took the image it was a bit dark so I applied auto setting in lightroom, I added some hue/saturation on colors blue/green/yellow & orange seperately. But due to the lighting I had a good starting point so I didn´t have to do much. Maybe I have probably enhanced it more than reality of that day, but I took the picture 5-6 days before I edited it so I cannot be certain. If your not certain, I guess you just have to trust your creative instinct. On the camera itself i selected AV / or aperture mode and i manually set the white balance to sunny(apperantly you dont have to do this if your shooting raw, but it is recommended to set the WB for memory related issues), due to the sun was peaking through the clouds. If you get an overexposed sky, at least I have problems tweaking it correctly afterwards, Im sure you can fix it if you want. But for me, it takes too long. I forgot to add luminance/noise reduction, I hear you should do that if you have raw settings(minimum of 30). I also added some mild clarity in lightroom. I didn´t use a tripod and remote trigger, which I probably should have, to get even better results, in other words I handheld the camera.


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