Trollhaugen Norway Bergen, Edvard Grieg

So this is the house of Edvard Grieg in Bergen Norway. I feel that it is grand, however still grounded somehow. Definitely not like other estates that has been built around the world. Here you can get to know some nice history, and it is very close to the “Gamle Haugen”, in 2015 it cost about 90 NOK for an entry :-). I guess this is not a large price to pay to support the maintenance of this beautiful building/area.

Trollhaugen Bergen Norway
Trollhaugen Bergen Norway

2 thoughts on “Trollhaugen Norway Bergen, Edvard Grieg

  1. (I love your photography.) It looks as if the basement windows are constructed for handling floods. I like the enclosed porch area. The deco-windows of that upper area are something I’ve never seen before. Thanks you for the photo.


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