Linux Mint – NFS file sharing made simple

If you have a wireless router in your home setup, you can use nfs to open up your foldes to your internal network. This is pretty straight forward:

Serverside, using the pc you want to share your files with:

Press CTRL + ALT + T to open linux command line.

When there enter root or use sudo infront of every command:

$ su : enter your password when asked.
$ aptitude install nfs-kernel nfs-common : enter Y if asked

find the ip range you want to share, look at the ip of your wireless network card using command:
edit the /etc/exports file for the nfs server:

$ ifconfig : remember the IP
$ nano /etc/exports

if your ip adress started with 10.0.0 append following line to /etc/exports

This will share your folder to everyone on network range from, (rw) stands for read and write to folders/files


Press CTRL + ALT + T to open linux command line.

$ su , enter password when asked
$ apt-get install nfs-common portmap
$ mount -t nfs -o defaults serverIP:/home /home/shared

this will put the server files and folder to /sharedhome, make sure you dont have this partition already

7 thoughts on “Linux Mint – NFS file sharing made simple

  1. I`ve tried using Linux ubuntu but am still struggling, not being used to all the instruction. It`s like using the old 286 before they got Windows. I now have quite a few programs added to it and am finding very interesting.

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  2. I followed the instructions and restarted the nfs-kernel but I cannot connect to the nfs share from my macbook. Where do I start with troubleshooting?


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