Clean Install – Linux Mint, partitions

When installing the Linux Mint station, you can either choose default were everything except SWAP is in the same partition. Using different partitions are recommended, this is a list of partitions and recommended sizes for your own partition table.
/ (root)
Root is the top directory in Linux, it can be compared with the C:\ directory in Windows. The common setup is approximately 2GB -> 8GB
The recommended size for Boot is minimum of 500Mb, however to be safe for future updates 1Gb should be enough.
Using a seperate boot partition might save time when starting the Linux enviroment, also it can add security as you can set this partition to read only.
Home; equivalent to User in Windows, in this folder each user you create in Linux receives it’s own folder. The remainder of the harddrive should be assigned to this partition
Opt usually dont require a seperate partition, this can be assigned under /usr/local/opt
The temporary folder is being used by applications like Internet Browsers, Database application, or Archivation/compression software for temporary storage. The size of temp for a normal desktop user can be 250Mb to 1Gb.
The /usr partition should be around 8Gb-16Gb for further updates and extra applications, however if you have a large disc or multiple discs it will not hurt adding more space for this partition.
The apt-get install function will automatically install the software inside /usr.
This partition is being used by your own installed applications not via the Linux Enviroment packaging systems.
This partition can be around 5Gb-20Gb.
This application is being used as storage for the services you render on your machine including web, mail and printer service. This space could be around 10-20Gb and a lot larger if you plan to have multiple users.
The Linux swap space, this is used as virtual memory for applications. The applications running on your Linux enviroment can use the swap space in same manner as Physical Memory. The assigned disc space for Swap should be 1.5 – 2x the size of your Physical Memory.

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